A wrist recovery and rehabilitation program after surgery and trauma.

Injury types and causes

Hand injury is an extensive collective concept, including:

  • Fingers fractures and dislocations;      

  • Sprains and torn ligaments and tendons;      

  • Peripheral nerve injury;

  • Injuries and crushing of the metacarpal part and wrist tissues;

  • Discontinuities interdigital spaces;      

  • Fingers separation or finger phalanges.      

There are many causative factors that can lead to injuries. This can be blows, heavy objects falling onto the wrist, injuries by rotating mechanisms, traumatic injuries with sharp objects, metal or glass fragments, exposure to electric current, aggressive chemicals, ionizing radiation and more.

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Following the results of the consultation for each client, we compile a personalized program and select the complex from the author's training modules.


The treatment of the terminal section injuries of the upper extremities needs a comprehensive multidisciplinary approach. The complex anatomical structure and multiple combined functions of the hand require a deep knowledge of the surgeon in traumatology, neurology, vascular surgery, combustiology, etc. With the microsurgery development, new prospects have opened up in the correction and a wrist injuries subsequent rehabilitation. However, delayed medical treatment or justified restriction of treatment may have unfortunate consequences. Such as the soldering of stitched tendons with surrounding tissues, the development of habitual dislocation, the formation of contracts, the deformation of the wrist, the fingers curvature.

Chronic pain, stiffness, partial or total impairment of sensibility and motor function are the most serious complications that significantly affect the person’s quality of life.

Rehabilitation program

Even a brilliantly performed operation, in the absence of a wrist injury rehabilitation, gives only 50% of the expected result. And to achieve a sustainable effect and the most complete adaptation requires the correct organization of recreational activities. The Biomechanics and Physiotherapy Center in Marbella specializes in the patient’s rehabilitation who underwent surgery to restore bones, joints, ligaments and tendons of the final arm, the wrist.

The author’s methodology, based on principles and biomechanics motion laws, is used to compensate for damaged function. It was developed by the founder of the center, MD, professor Eugene Blum. The healing methodology is based on a spatial organization and morphological symmetry of the human body.

For each patient in need of recovery, a biomechanical diagnosis is carried out, according to its results, an individual program is compiled. Classes are carried out on patented training devices involving strictly targeted muscle groups and deep muscle layers. This approach allows you to start regenerative processes, restore and stabilize blood supply, lymph flow and innervation, restore joint mobility, muscle tone, range of motion and restore the wrist motor stereotype.

Thanks to an integrated approach, targeted exposure and a personalized program, the recovery period duration is reduced, and functional forecasts are significantly improved.

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