The importance of rehabilitation

After an injury or illness with surgery, it is important to undergo rehabilitation in time to eliminate complications and consequences. The operation restores the integrity of the affected part of the body. Proper rehabilitation restores the anatomy, morphology and functioning of the whole organism.

To hang up the effectiveness of the restoration of health, the center of Dr. Blum was created at the Center on the Mediterranean coast.

Primary consultation
from €150
Personal lesson
90 min
Duration of one lesson
Following the results of the consultation for each client, we compile a personalized program and select the complex from the author's training modules.

Full recovery options

The author's technique allows you to start your own regenerative processes in the body at the first stage, because the body itself can restore neurotrophic function, tissue circulation and energy supply. At the second stage, we restore for the second time the affected segments and organs. Comprehensive rehabilitation:

  • head and brain
  • spine and spinal cord
  • joints and nerve plexuses
  • peripheral nerves
  • bones, vertebrae, disks, meniscus
  • ligaments and muscles
  • internal organs


Activity return

We strive for the greatest possible restoration of functions. In most cases, we succeed, therefore we call our methodology effective. With each patient, the work goes in the following areas of recovery:

  • The shape and alignment of all anatomical elements in the internal space relative to the adjacent organs and tissues.
  • The physiological structure of all tissues damaged during injury and during surgery.
  • Physiological function - not the one that was before the injury, but one that should be normal in a healthy person.
  • Nervous chains "brain - periphery", "periphery - brain"
  • Arteries, veins, capillaries, lymphodynamics.
  • Energy body - strength, endurance and reactivity.


The best conditions for effective treatment

Recovery from injuries and surgeries proceeds more effectively in warm regions, especially on the Mediterranean coast. Here everything contributes to this: a mild climate, the proximity of the sea, the sun all year round, good ecology, isolation from the familiar environment. This is where our Center is located, which is equipped with everything necessary for a full-fledged rehabilitation.


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