Knee injury recovery and rehabilitation program

The importance of rehabilitation

Clavicle injury is one of the most common injuries, which ranges from 2.6% to 12% of the total number of fractures. It occurs due to a strong load on the clavicle, due to a blow to this area or a fall on an outstretched arm. The sternoclavicular joint, which provides lifting and rotation of the shoulder, and the acromioclavicular joint, which performs the supporting function, are especially at risk of damage.

Full rehabilitation after a collarbone fracture takes from three months to six months, depending on the complexity, severity of the case and the results of the surgical treatment.

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Following the results of the consultation for each client, we compile a personalized program and select the complex from the author's training modules.

How to recover yourself from an injury

The Dr. Blum Center uses the author's technique of the problem area postoperative restoration. The operation restores its integrity, and the correct rehabilitation of a clavicle fracture returns physiological functions.

Rehabilitation technology is aimed at restoring the anatomical integrity (in case the operation was not performed), restoring the structure and eliminating the consequences of damage, while simultaneously affecting the whole organism as a whole, starting the internal processes of regeneration and self-healing.

With our approach, rehabilitation of a clavicle fracture with or without displacement is much faster and more effective. After the recovery course, the patient returns to his former life, in addition, the program is aimed at strengthening the entire body and significantly improving overall health.

The rehabilitation program after a fracture of the clavicle and other types of injuries of the sternoclavicular-acromial area includes:

  • Primary diagnosis with biomechanical testing - an assessment of the complexity, severity and consequences of the treatment; 
  • Development of an individual recovery program taking into account the identified violations and the general state of the body’s energy resource;
  • Preparation of the necessary training equipment and personal instructor for the program;
  • Individual lessons in the most effective mode in this case;
  • Dynamic monitoring of status and progress, correction of an individual program depending on biomechanical changes in the injured area;
  • Development of a set of recommendations and exercises to do at home;
  • Determining the schedule of the next course, if necessary;

Clavicle fracture rehabilitation program

A personalized program is compiled for each patient, precise parameters and amplitudes of movement are set. Dr. Blum’s author’s system of methods and techniques allows you to activate deep muscle layers, enable regeneration processes, restore normal spatial relationships and anatomical unity of the spinal column, musculoskeletal system in general, restore function - supporting and motor, eliminate muscle and bone-joint imbalance.

Dr. Blum's method advantages:

  • accelerated body recovery due to its own reserves
  • an individual approach and a phased solution to the problem
  • low energy consumption of the body to obtain significant results
  • a feeling of vitality and a surge of strength after class
  • lack of medicine therapy and surgical intervention

The Dr. Blum Center is equipped with unique, patented training facilities. To solve rehabilitation problems of varying complexity, 800 training devices are used to set the exact dosed load on the target segments of the musculoskeletal system. An integrated multidisciplinary approach allows to solve complicated problems lying at the junction of narrow medical specialties.

Due to the targeted effect on the affected area, the rehabilitation takes place as fully as possible, the rehabilitation time after a collarbone fracture is reduced. We give our patients a real chance to return to a full life.

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