Oncology rehabilitation: oncology recovery program

Health recovery after oncology

A key factor in restoring and improving the quality of life of cancer survivors is physical rehabilitation after oncology. This final phase of treatment is aimed at eliminating the complications and side effects of surgery and antitumor therapy.

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Following the results of the consultation for each client, we compile a personalized program and select the complex from the author's training modules.

Causes and consequences of transferred oncopathology.

Exist many forms of malignant neoplasms, aside from the tumors that do not have a gender distinction, there are purely "male" or "female" diseases - they include cancer of the reproductive system.

All oncological diseases have a multifactorial nature. Can provoke abnormal growth of cancer cells:

  • overweight;     

  • abrupt uncontrolled body weight decrease;     

  • unhealthy diet;     

  • bad habits (smoking, alcohol abuse);     

  • age-related changes;     

  • genetic predisposition;     

  • occupational risks;     

  • stress;     

  • adverse ecology;     

  • exposure to ionizing radiation;     

  • lack of physical activity;     

  • chronic diseases;     

  • carcinogens, etc.     

Cancer patients are at risk of new problems developing. This may be a psychological trauma, physical exhaustion, a central nervous system disorders, cardiovascular and reproductive systems, anatomical and functional inferiority (due to removal of the affected organ), or, in the worst case, relapse. Disease takes a lot of strength and energy, weakens the immune defense, causing fear and helplessness. Therefore, rehabilitation after oncology is not just a medical prescription, but also a vital necessity.

Specialized Oncology Rehabilitation Program

The cancer patients restoration at the Dr. Blum Physiotherapy and Biomechanics Center is focused on the activation of functional reserves and a return to a familiar lifestyle. A multidisciplinary approach allows you to optimize the rehabilitation process and make it more effective even in the most difficult situations.

Each person who seeks help from a recuperation Center undergoes a biomechanical testing. Based on its results, an individual cancer rehabilitation program is composed aimed at correcting weak health links and preventing relapse. On the patented training modules that specify the exact amplitudes and strength of movement, target groups of deep muscles are developed. This allows you to turn on drainage and pumping mechanisms, the natural processes of self-healing, self-cleaning, self-renewal, activate the immune system, hematopoietic organs, lymphatic system, restore the anatomical symmetry of the body, broken by the disease, optimize energy costs and accelerate recovery from the body's own resources.

Dr. Blum's method advantages:

  • a personalized problem approach;     

  • lack of additional medical load and traumatic interventions;     

  • complex phased solution of rehabilitation tasks;     

  • classes in an inferior mode that does not require active participation of the patient;     

  • targeted exposure to the body weak links;     

  • health-improving effect with minimal energy consumption;     

  • lack of contraindications and age restrictions;     

Rehabilitation after oncology abroad, on the Mediterranean coast, is not only an opportunity to combine wellness procedures with relaxation. This is a chance to restore health and reduce the likelihood of relapse.

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