Elbow joint recovery and rehabilitation program after injuries and surgeries

Elbow injury and surgical treatment

The elbow traumatic injuries include fractures of the ulnar process, distal/lower parts of the humerus, fracture of the radial head and rupture of tendons. In addition, the bursitis is an indication for surgery (inflammation of the joint bag), advanced osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis and other chronic diseases leading to damage to cartilage tissue and functional disorders in the joint.

Diagnostics include X-rays, computer and magnetic resonance imaging, arthroscopy and joint puncture.

There are several methods for surgical treatment of the elbow joint injuries:

  • Resection arthroplasty (installation of a gasket to restore the surface, shape and size of the articular joint);      

  • Stitching ligaments;

  • Arthroplasty (the elbow joint replacement with an implant);

  • Open reposition (comparison of bone fragments after a fracture);

  • The ulnar nerve transposition.

Due to the complexity of the anatomical structure of the elbow joint, the overwhelming majority prefer minimally invasive endoscopic techniques.

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The elbow joint injuries entail serious consequences. The most typical are contractures (adhesions). They violate tissue trophism and significantly limit the limb mobility. An equally serious post-traumatic complication is ossification (calcification) of muscles and soft tissues. In especially severe cases, chronic pain and vascular insufficiency develops. Therefore, to minimize the risk of negative consequences, the elbow joint rehabilitation after surgery is required.

Rehabilitation program

The Biomechanics Center in Marbella specializes in the recovery of postoperative patients who have suffered the elbow joint injuries. For more than three decades, the unique author’s technique of the expert in functional movement, MD, professor Eugene Blum has been successfully applied here. It is based on targeted study of deep muscle groups, which are a key link in the biomechanical chain.

After diagnostic testing, an individual rehabilitation program is drawn up aimed at including the natural processes of regeneration, self-healing, eliminating atrophy and muscle imbalances, and restoring muscular-fascial and bone-articular balance.

The interdisciplinary rehabilitation approach that is used at the center increases the effectiveness of the methods used and is aimed at restoring the anatomical, morphological and functional norm of the elbow joint, eliminating the musculoskeletal system weak links and returning to a full life without pain and limitations.

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