Rehabilitation of children with central nervous system damage: health restoration of a child with motor impairments

Causes and effects of neurological dysfunctions

Among the many causative factors leading to various motor disorders, there are:

  • acute and chronic perinatal hypoxia (oxygen starvation);     

  • congenital malformations and acquired deformities of the brain;     

  • nerves mechanical damage (birth and postpartum injuries);     

  • infectious and non-infectious diseases of the central nervous system;     

  • autoimmune neuromuscular disorders;     

  • intracranial neoplasms.     

The nature and severity of motor disorders depends on the location of the damage. With congenital or acquired defects of the cerebral cortex, an increase in reflexes, muscle weakness or paralysis of the muscles responsible for conscious movements (hypokinesia) is observed. Structural abnormalities in the basal ganglia located deep in the cerebral hemispheres limit involuntary movements (hyperkinesia). With damage to the cerebellum, a loss of coordination occurs (ataxia).

The lack of professional recuperation exacerbates the existing musculoskeletal disorders, muscular-articular imbalances, which is especially important during the growth period of the body. The result is a pathological compensation, strain and displacements. In addition, against the background of a bodily defect, neurotic disorders, phobias and various reactions of social maladaptation often develop. Only timely rehabilitation assistance is able to improve the basic health indicators and quality of life.

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Following the results of the consultation for each client, we compile a personalized program and select the complex from the author's training modules.

Physical rehabilitation tasks

One of the leading work areas at the Dr. Blum's Physiotherapy and Biomechanics Center in Marbella is a child rehabilitation with central nervous system damage. Its main tasks are the modification of the body biomechanical characteristics, the reduction and, in the future, the elimination of muscular-articular imbalance, the correction of existing locomotor disorders.

The restoration measures are based on an integrative author’s technique aimed at the phased compensation of motor defects. Physical rehabilitation of children preceded by biomechanical testing approach aimed at the identification and evaluation of the weak links of the musculoskeletal system. Based on the obtained data, an individual program is compiled for the entire recovery period.

Dr. Blum's Method Benefits

  • personalized integrated approach, taking into account the characteristics of the child’s health status;     

  • lack of medicine and surgical interventions;     

  • classes in inferior eccentric mode, which does not require the conscious participation of the patient;     

  • high training efficiency at low energy costs;     

  • the level functionality increase due to the internal reserves of the body;     

  • ability to plan a recovery progress.    

Rehabilitation of children at the Dr. Blum’s Physiotherapy and Biomechanics Center is a phased personal authoring program to improve motor functions and improve the quality of the child’s life.

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