The most important stage of life

The first year of development is the most crucial period in a person’s life. It is important to identify and eliminate the risks of possible diseases.

We work with children from the first days of life. In order to restore babies up to a year, author's methods were created, aimed at eliminating convulsive syndrome, hypertonia, spasticity, contractures, congenital dislocations and much more. We also developed programs for children with developmental delays.

Primary consultation
from €150
Personal lesson
90 min
Duration of one lesson
Following the results of the consultation for each client, we compile a personalized program and select the complex from the author's training modules.

Indications for use

Child recovery is the prevention of serious diseases in the early stages, when there are no gross deformities that require treatment, but the reason is already known:

  • birth injury of the brain, cervical spine
  • prematurity
  • asphyxia
  • ventricular hemorrhage
  • intrauterine infection
  • anomalies and malformations
  • chronic maternal diseases.

The consequences can be eliminated. It is important to start as early as possible.


Author's technique

Dr. Blum has developed a system of methods and techniques to identify weak health links, prepare a personal program and do everything necessary to ensure that the child’s body grows and develops in accordance with the highest requirements. At the end of the work at the center, parents receive a set of exercises at home.


Modern Center

The center of Blum in Marbella, Spain is the perfect place for toddlers and their parents. Warm and mild climate, good ecology contribute to the rapid recovery and the achievement of great results. The conditions for a comfortable stay are created for parents and children: a cedar forest adjacent to the center, a swimming pool and a recreation area.


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