«All is fixable,
while you are
ready to work»

Hello! My name is Evgeniy Blum.
I am a professor, MD, a doctor of the highest category and a person who has restored himself after many injuries, including spinal fractures.

I believe that the basis of most diseases
today are biomechanical disorders
in the locomotor system
system uneven development of organs and systems.

In the end, this leads to the violation of the most important functions: blood circulation, respiration, digestion and immune mechanisms. All violations turn into diseases that pull you out of health.

But everything is fixable, as long as you yourself are ready to work. I developed a method that allows you to return health even after serious injuries, strengthen and maintain it. The method is based on a serious medical approach and own development.


50 years
of hard


1969 / Education

Admission to
the medical

1989 / Work abroad

The beginning of work on the restoration of athletes, patients with serious diseases abroad: in Israel, the USA, France, England and Turkey.

1994 / Development of methodics

The Scientific Research Institute of Clinical Rehabilitation created, work begun on the creation of various scientific fields, the development of methods, techniques for the implementation of the Dr. Blum system.

2001 / Work at RUDN

Appointment of Eugene Evalievich Head of the Department of Clinical Rehabilitation of RUDN.

2005 / Clinic in Moscow

The Center of Dr. Blum was opened in Moscow.

2010 / Clinic in Spain

The Center of Dr. Blum in Marbella has been opened.

Method with 100%

The basis of the system of Dr. Blum - integrated work with the body. In our clinic, they are working on everything: geometry
body morphology of tissues, energy levels and more.

First of all we are engaged biomechanical diagnosis and restoration of musculoskeletal system. Recovery occurs without medication and surgery. Own forces of the body. The work is carried out on special training modules developed by Evgeny Evalievich.

The method of Dr. Blum to strengthen the deep muscular layers of the musculoskeletal system allows you to restore anatomical unity, spatial-topographic norm and biological symmetry of the human body, modified by disease, injury, lack of physical activity or uneven aging processes.

The clinic uses only the own method of Dr. Blum. The system of methods, techniques and special equipment has more than 60 patents.

Body recovery
at all levels

Body geometry recovery
Restoration of tissue structure
Elimination of adhesions
Improving blood flow
Coordination, strength and endurance training
Restoration of movement in the joints
Strengthening the bark muscles
Improving neurotrophic and neuroregulation
Elimination of muscle and joint contractures
Body geometry recovery
Restoration of tissue structure
Elimination of adhesions
Improving blood flow
Coordination, strength and endurance training
Restoration of movement in the joints
Strengthening the bark muscles
Improving neurotrophic and neuroregulation
Elimination of muscle and joint contractures

For adults

9 rehabilitation programs
We offer programs for recovery from injuries and surgeries, general recovery and active longevity, anti-stress and detox programs to restore the body.
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For children

4 rehabilitation programs
In our Center you will find programs of rehabilitation treatment for cerebral palsy, scoliosis and defects of posture, as well as programs for the health of children from birth.
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For athletes

1 rehabilitation program
Athletes come to us to recover from injuries and prolong their professional career, prepare for the upcoming competitions, reach a new level of sporting achievements.
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Patents and licensesOur patents
and licenses

Patent #141828

Massage device

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Device for correcting muscle imbalance

Patent #141961

Device for correcting muscle imbalance

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Device for restoring motor coordination

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Device to restore the function of the...

Patent #54779

Device for rehabilitation

Patent #2124342

Simulator of muscle imbalance in the...

Patent #2124877

Apparatus for eliminating contractures

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Device for restoring the private and...

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Device for correcting muscular...

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The method of treatment of diseases...

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Method for correcting muscle imbalance...

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Apparatus for eliminating contractures

Certificate #1014

Correction device for correcting posture

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Scenery children's simulator

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A set of functional orthopedic furniture

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Device for perineal massage

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Method of back massage and device for...

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Massage device

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Device for motor rehabilitation and...

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Children's rehabilitation simulator

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Device for rehabilitation

License ЛО-77-01-006109

To carry out medical activities

License ЛО-77-01-006109

Second page

License ЛО-77-01-006109

Annex to the license
License for

License for

Humerus fracture
Recovery process
Evgeny Sivozhelez
Five-time champion of Russia
Injury prevention and recovery after injuries
Mikhail Youzhny, tennis player,
two-time winner of
the Davis Cup
Preparing for sports competitions
Yury Berezhko, volleyball player,
Olympic champion
Rehabilitation after a knee injury
Sofia Beetle, tennis player,
winner of the 2015
Wimbledon tournament
Sports Injury Prevention
Alena Sviridova,
singer and composer
General wellness program
Peter Osipov, Founder of
the project "Business Youth"
Recovery with burnout syndrome
Gennady Burbulis,
Russian state and
public figure
About Dr. Blum Center
Krikalev Sergey, Soviet
and Russian Aviation
Sportsman and Cosmonaut
About Dr. Blum Center
Alexander Volchek
Recovery with burnout syndrome
Sergey Surov
Recovery from severe spinal injury
Mother of Pelagia Mishal
Rehabilitation of a child with cerebral palsy
Father of boys
Gregua and Foucault Dogni
Rehabilitation of children with hydrocephalus and developmental delay in cerebral palsy
Patient Center Dr. Blum
Recovery in ankylosing spondylitis
Restoration with hernia of the lumbar spine and scoliosis
Mother of Mark Patrikeev
Restoration of a child with arthrogryposis
Mother of Vlad Inozemtsev
Recovery with Duchenne myopathy
Recovery from severe associated lower limb injury
Recovery from intervertebral hernia surgery
Elena Speer
Recovery from a complex clavicle fracture

News and Articles

Cerebral Palsy.
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Cerebral Palsy.

Cerebral Palsy. Two approaches to rehabilitation: mass and personalized.

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With an interdisciplinary approach, fibromyalgia is treated pathogenetically. The task is to return verticalization and uprightness to the body, eliminate muscular-articular asymmetries and imbalance. First of all, asymmetry in the front-back direction.

Multiple sclerosis
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Multiple sclerosis

Basic principles of multiple sclerosis rehabilitation: timeliness, regularity, unity of therapeutic and rehabilitative measures, interdisciplinary approach, individuality. Stageality is determined by the combination of work in the center and at home, discussed and planned with the personal physician and patient.

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