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Evgeny Blum is an author of the methods system, techniques and specialized equipment Blum, Professor, Doctor of Medical Sciences, Honored Inventor of Russia in the field of biomechanical methods for health restoring.

The main center’s areas are: after injuries and surgeries rehabilitation, child and adults musculoskeletal system pathologies, preparation for sports competitions and injuries prevention.

The method is aimed at the launch of natural healing, regeneration and purification mechanisms through the address effect on the deep muscle layers.

Our task is to find weak links in the body, to unconfuse the ball of the disease cause-effect connections and regain the health. The center’s mission is an active longevity without medicines and surgeries.



Natalia`s review, Bronchial Asthma. Emphysema of the lungs.
Recovery results
2020-04-22 13:46:28
Client review, 80+, Active Longevity
Recovery process
2019-12-16 19:55:51
Humerus fracture
Recovery process
2019-10-04 19:34:52
Evgeny Sivozhelez
Five-time champion of Russia
Injury prevention and recovery after injuries
2019-07-02 12:46:29
Mikhail Youzhny, tennis player,
two-time winner of
the Davis Cup
Preparing for sports competitions
2019-06-11 23:05:53
Yury Berezhko, volleyball player,
Olympic champion
Rehabilitation after a knee injury
2019-06-11 23:08:52
Sofia Guk, tennis player,
winner of the 2015
Wimbledon tournament
Sports Injury Prevention
2019-06-11 23:11:16
Alena Sviridova,
singer and composer
General wellness program
2019-06-11 23:13:59
Peter Osipov, Founder of
the project "Business Youth"
Recovery with burnout syndrome
2019-06-11 23:18:25
Gennady Burbulis,
Russian state and
public figure
About Dr. Blum Center
2019-06-11 23:21:07
Krikalev Sergey, Soviet
and Russian Aviation
Sportsman and Cosmonaut
About Dr. Blum Center
2019-06-11 23:23:04
Alexander Volchek
Recovery with burnout syndrome
2019-06-11 23:25:36
Sergey Surov
Recovery from severe spinal injury
2019-06-12 00:16:46
Mother of Pelagia Mishal
Rehabilitation of a child with cerebral palsy
2019-06-12 00:18:51
Father of boys
Gregua and Foucault Dogni
Rehabilitation of children with hydrocephalus and developmental delay in cerebral palsy
2019-06-12 00:21:37
Patient Center Dr. Blum
Recovery in ankylosing spondylitis
2019-06-12 00:23:11
Restoration with hernia of the lumbar spine and scoliosis
2019-06-12 00:25:39
Mother of Mark Patrikeev
Restoration of a child with arthrogryposis
2019-06-12 00:27:47
Mother of Vlad Inozemtsev
Recovery with Duchenne myopathy
2019-06-12 00:30:25
Recovery from severe associated lower limb injury
2019-06-12 00:32:33
Recovery from intervertebral hernia surgery
2019-06-12 00:34:24
Elena Speer
Recovery from a complex clavicle fracture
2019-06-12 00:35:59

50 years
of hard


1969 / Education

The medical career beginning.

1989 / International experience

Getting started on athletes and patients recovery with severe diseases in Israel, France, the United States, England and Turkey.

1994 / Methodology

Foundation of the Clinical rehabilitation Research Institute, development of author's scientific research areas, methods, techniques and special equipment.

2001 / Teaching experience

Professor Blum headed the PFUR Department of Clinical rehabilitation.

2005 / Clinic in Moscow

Dr. Blum’s Center is opened In Moscow.

2010 / Center in Spain

Dr. Blum’s Center is opened in Marbella.

Dr. Blum's Method Advantages

  • Without medicines and surgeries. 
  • Exercise in power-saving mode. You feel a surge of strength, not a fatigue after a workout. 
  • The musculoskeletal system work in an eccentric mode. Deep muscle layers targeted study. Your own muscular corset formation. 
  • Biomechanical diagnostics. Detection of the body geometry, distortion and deformation violations. 
  • Personalized approach. The program is built taking into account the identified disorders specifically for you. 
  • "Weak links" elimination creates a stress-resistant organism. 
  • Reconditioning of muscle and joint balance. 

  • Prof. Yevgeny Blum’s biomechanical restoration method is aimed at launching natural healing mechanisms, regeneration and purification through address effect on the deep muscle layers. 
  • Rehabilitation strategy is based on the organism’ weak links identification and elimination. 
  • Impact on the disease cause. 
  • Integrative approach allows solving problems which are not decided by the personalized expertise. 
  • 800 unique training complexes are used in the Center to solve rehabilitation problems of varying complexity.

Dr. Blum’s the author technique is used in the Center. The system of methods, techniques and special equipment has 60 patents.

Integrative approach

Body geometry restoration
Restoration of tissue structure
Adhesion removal
Blood flow improvement
Coordination, strength and endurance training
Joint movement restoration
Muscle strengthening cortex
Neurotrophic and neuroregulation improvement
Muscle and joint contractures elimination
Body geometry restoration
Restoration of tissue structure
Adhesion removal
Blood flow improvement
Coordination, strength and endurance training
Joint movement restoration
Muscle strengthening cortex
Neurotrophic and neuroregulation improvement
Muscle and joint contractures elimination

For adults

9 rehabilitation programs
We offer programs for recovery from injuries and surgeries, general recovery and active longevity, anti-stress and detox programs to restore the body.
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For children

4 rehabilitation programs
In our Center you will find programs of rehabilitation treatment for cerebral palsy, scoliosis and defects of posture, as well as programs for the health of children from birth.
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For athletes

1 rehabilitation program
Athletes come to us to recover from injuries and prolong their professional career, prepare for the upcoming competitions, reach a new level of sporting achievements.
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Patents and licensesOur patents
and licenses

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News and Articles

Connective tissue dysplasia.  Analysis of the professor, MD  Eugene Blum.
Doctor's article

Connective tissue dysplasia. Analysis of the professor, MD Eugene Blum.

А video analysis of the medical history of a 42 year old woman. Biomechanical diagnosis: Damage to the connective tissue at the body level. Connective tissue dysplasia in the polymorphism of manifestations. To understand the depth of the analysis, the energy - economics of the process, the mechanisms of manifestations and the recovery methodology, it is recommended to watch the video until the end. A superficial glance cannot give an in-depth understanding of the tasks and paths of the rehabilitation process. The basis of diagnosis, search and compilation of a recovery strategy is, on the one hand, personalization, on the other, an interdisciplinary approach at the intersection of sciences and practices.

Coronovirus. Prevention and treatment
Doctor's article

Coronovirus. Prevention and treatment

An effective means of treatment and prevention has not yet been found. Therefore, we will talk about prevention through the body's own defenses.

 Coronavirus. Good to know.
Doctor's article

Coronavirus. Good to know.

Coronavirus. Facts, the mechanism of damage, possible transmission mechanisms, incidence, the clinical manifestations, complications.

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