Women's Health Rehabilitation Programs: Postpartum Recovery, Preparing for Pregnancy by Dr. Blum’s Method

Women's Health Restoration

Rejuvenation program
Natural pregnancy
General Wellness Programs
With age, each person is overtaken by natural changes: adhesions, displacements, changes in body geometry and slagging. As a result, all the forces of the body go to fight for the maintenance of a basic level of vital activity. As a result - a violation of energy distribution in the body, premature aging, lack of joy of life, apathy and feeling tired. We help, without drugs and operations, to remove age-related changes, to improve the body’s energy balance. One hour a day, one month a year is enough to give you a feeling of youth and health.
Natural pregnancy
The program will help prepare the female body for natural conception, non-drug bearing, physiological childbirth and will become the basis for the birth of a healthy baby, if you have an unfavorable diagnosis. The program also helps create a margin of safety that will help make and give birth to a healthy child. You can keep your own health potential during pregnancy.
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