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Reasons for constant voltage

We live in an artificial urban environment with our own system of values ​​and a ban on the manifestation of emotions, especially negative ones. In the meantime, we have laid the foundation for the original genetic program, which is several thousand years old. Once it taught us to manifest and realize our instincts to the full. Unrealized emotions and stress are packed up in the body in the form of muscle spirals. Any person needs to give vent to the accumulated negativity promptly and regularly through properly organized muscle load.

The personalized “Antistress” program at the Dr. Blum Center is developed taking into account the level of stress and the body condition at the time of treatment.

Primary consultation
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Duration of one lesson
Following the results of the consultation for each client, we compile a personalized program and select the complex from the author's training modules.

The negative effects of stress

The overvoltage effects are: chronic fatigue, systematic overeating, loss of interest to the life, decreased effectiveness, depression, apathy. All this leads to weight gain, premature and uneven aging of the spine, joints, muscular-articular imbalances, degenerative tissue changes.

As a result:

  • body geometry and tissue architecture are disturbed;      

  • deformation appear, restriction of movement;      

  • myofascial adhesions arise, organs displacement occurs;      

  • microcirculation and lymphatic drainage are disturbed;      

  • premature body aging and the immunity extinction occur;      

  • neuroregulation and neurotrophy go astray, inhibition occurs, problems with the psyche and thinking;

  • energy generation and energy distribution are disturbed, fatigue, lethargy, and energy shortage occur. 

The Antistress program positive effect

The Antistress program is developed on the basis of a system of methods, techniques and training modules-devices of Professor Eugeny Blum.

The work is aimed at the muscle-articular balance restoring, eliminating muscle traps, tightness, and limiting mobility. Improving the elasticity and mobility of syndesmosis, intervertebral joints, symphysis and other joints. We pay special attention to the rib-sternum, rib-vertebral joints, the state of pumping and drainage systems and biological body filters. They are especially important for anti-age and anti-stress processes. Compression-elastic training of discs, menisci, meniscoid and ligament-capsule formations helps rejuvenate them and remove toxins. Ligaments, pelvic organs are being worked out. Venous outflow, lymph circulation are optimized.

Our task is to help get rid of the stress effects and improve health.

The Antistress Technique Advantages

The Dr. Blum Center is equipped with patented training facilities. To solve rehabilitation problems of varying complexity, 800 training devices are used to set the exact dosed load on the target segments of the musculoskeletal system. An integrated multidisciplinary approach allows solving complex problems that lie at the junction of narrow medical specialties.

Advantages of the method:

  • personalized phased approach;     

  • adaptive physical training in an eccentric (inferior) mode;     

  • targeted exposure to target body segments;     

  • pronounced positive effect with minimal energy consumption;     

  • recovery without medicine therapy and surgical interventions;     

The best place

The Spanish city Marbella is a paradise on the Costa del Sol. The Mediterranean Sea brings salty wind and aromas of orchards blooming all year round. The warm climate relaxes, adjusts to let go of all worries, to succumb to Spanish lifestyle with a smile and siesta.

Exactly this place we have chosen for the Antistress program. Waiting for you!


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