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Curse of the winner

How do people feel about energy exhaustion and extreme fatigue? 80% are disconnected from everything and rest, dropping things halfway through. 15% reach out to severe fatigue and only then go to a recovery rest. And 5% are real winners who will not retreat, even completely exhausted. Such people often become champions, businessmen and top managers of large companies. But such "victories over themselves" lead to severe burnout syndrome.

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What does it lead to

Man is his own master. The body will continue to wear itself until it stops so abruptly as if someone had pulled the emergency brake. At this point, it may happen:

  • Early stroke
  • Early heart attack
  • Oncological diseases
  • Depression, psychosis, neurosis
  • Neuromuscular diseases
  • Immunodeficiency
  • Early tissue degradation, dystrophy

That is why we recommend to eliminate burnout syndrome in a timely manner and not reach the irreparable consequences.


How is the recovery going

The lack of energy in the body has medical roots. You have a certain tank filled with energy. Something goes to support the function of internal organs, something to move, something to think activity. Some part of the energy goes into the “holes”: diseases, imbalances, problems with internal organs. In the process of recovery from burnout syndrome, we help increase energy production and reduce its non-target costs. You will have a delta that will support even in the most severe force majeure situations. You yourself will see the difference in its effectiveness before and after.


Nature giving strength

Where can be another best place to treat a burnout syndrome and charge your batteries like on the shores of the Mediterranean Sea? The orchards of Marbella, the view of the faraway coast of Africa, the fresh air and the warm climate. Everything here is aimed at you to rest, solve your problems and come back with a full battery.


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