Personal program "Active Longevity"

Time to think about yourself

At the age of over 40, people begin to wonder about active healthy longevity. Many are scared by the prospects of health problems, illness, decreased muscle tone and a gradual deterioration in mental abilities. There are still 40 years ahead, and even more, it would be great to live them fully, without constant medication and surgery.

We have developed the Active Longevity program for those who want to work on their body, maintain clarity of mind and high vitality for many years. The program is aimed at restoring body geometry and tissue architecture, stabilizing metabolism, restoring joint function, maintaining muscle tone.

Primary consultation
from €150
Personal lesson
from 40 min
Duration of one lesson
Following the results of the consultation for each client, we compile a personalized program and select the complex from the author's training modules.

Important aspects of healthy and active longevity

Long-term experience of the Center shows that there are 5 basic things that a person needs at any age:

  • High coordination and endurance. We teach you how to withstand stress, recover and relax. The method aims to restore the function of an effective healthy sleep.      

  • A sharpness of mind. Our task is to maintain high mental activity, to  turn on easily and switch between tasks.      

  • Healthy body. We are creating the basis for the optimal organs and systems functioning, maintaining a high energy resource - the key to active longevity. One of the objectives of the program is to eliminate muscle stiffness and arthritic-chondrotic degeneration of tissues and joints.      

  • The joints strength. Our technique helps maintain healthy joints and ligaments.      

Active Longevity Program Effect

The eccentric training regimen helps to activate internal resources, restore the geometry and the body symmetry, and strengthen the weak links of the body. After completing the course, we will prepare a set of exercises “Active Longevity” for homework.

The program “Active Longevity” is aimed at :

  • improvement of psycho-emotional stability;      

  • restoration of adaptive systems;      

  • return of verticality and upright posture;      

  • restoration of body geometry;      

  • removal of toxins from bones, muscles, skin, cavities, blood vessels, organs;      

  • launching its own mechanisms of healing and tissue self-renewal;      

  • an increase in the capacity of the body’s energy resource.      

Dr. Blum's Method Benefits

  • personalized phased approach;      

  • adaptive physical training in an eccentric (inferior) mode;      

  • targeted exposure to target body segments;      

  • a positive effect with minimal energy consumption;      

  • lack of medicine therapy and surgical interventions;      

The Dr. Blum Center is equipped with patented training facilities. To solve rehabilitation problems of varying complexity, 800 training devices are used to set the exact dosed load on the target segments of the musculoskeletal system. An integrated multidisciplinary approach allows solving complex problems that lie at the junction of narrow medical specialities.

Best place to recover

Where can you practice an active longevity and restore health? Of course, on the seashore! Here you find yourself in a Mediterranean paradise. Fresh air, the scent of cedar forest, flowering orange gardens and the sea breeze set you up for relaxation and recovery in the Sanatorium, located at the base of the Dr. Blum Center.

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