Time to think about health

At the age of 40, many people think about how to extend an active and healthy life. Many are frightened by the prospects for disease, low tone and not so sharp mind. The realization comes that there is still 40 years ahead, and the desire to organize them correctly and live in happiness and joy.

That is why we have developed active longevity programs.

Primary consultation
from €150
Personal lesson
90 min
Duration of one lesson
Following the results of the consultation for each client, we compile a personalized program and select the complex from the author's training modules.

Essential aspects of longevity

Long-term experience of the Center shows that there are 5 basic things that are necessary for everyone:

  • High coordination and endurance of mind and body. We learn to withstand the load and overload, easy to recover, relax, restore effective sleep function.
  • The sharpness of the mind. We help develop and maintain the ability to easily get involved in the process and switch between tasks without hanging or slowing down.
  • Healthy body. We give a program to create a flexible, slim, taut and powerful body, eliminate rigidity and arthrosis-chondrosis.
  • Strength of the joints. We help to develop strength in the body during acceleration, on locks, during braking, in long complex kinematic chains.
  • High tone. We learn to maintain the strength of mind, flexibility of mind, multipolarity and multi-standardness and to train these qualities, to hone constantly.


Daily workouts of the most important

The program can be run regularly, setting the stage for a happy and healthy life. Megapolis absorbs health, we will return it again. Based on your condition, place of work and other factors, we help to improve:

  • psycho-emotional stability
  • anti-gravity adaptability
  • verticalization and upright walking
  • body geometry
  • body mass index
  • removal of toxins from bones, muscles, skin, cavities, vessels, organs
  • the rate of healing and tissue self-renewal
  • general rejuvenation processes
  • capacity of the body's energy.


The best place to recover

Where can I gain health, except on the beach? Here you find yourself in a Mediterranean paradise. Fresh air, aroma of cedar forest, blooming orange orchards and the sea breeze set up rest, strength and health.


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