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Natural pregnancy

Natural conception, gestation, physiological birth, a healthy baby, happy motherhood - all these are the natural consequences of a properly organized pregnancy preparation program.

We have created the program "Natural Conception and Birth" for women whose pregnancy and childbirth can complicate - scoliosis, pelvic distortion, weak pelvic floor, endometriosis, periodic pain in the sacrum and lower back. The program created recovery methods for women who had unsuccessful attempts to get pregnant, problems with a child geatation, difficult previous births, IVF, adhesions in the pelvis and abdominal cavity. The course is suitable for women with hormonal imbalance who have undergone treatment with hormones and antibiotics after surgery.

A personal pregnancy preparation program is aimed at creating the basis for natural conception, successful gestation without the medication need, and physiological birth. The goal of the course is to prepare the woman’s body for the birth of a healthy baby.

Primary consultation
from €150
Personal lesson
from 40 min
Duration of one lesson
Following the results of the consultation for each client, we compile a personalized program and select the complex from the author's training modules.

Pregnancy Preparation Program Goal

As soon as a woman begins preparing for conception and pregnancy, this life period become calmer. A well- developed pregnancy-planning program is aimed at:

  • Natural conception and non medicamentous pregnancy;      

  • Creation of a safety margin that will help to bear and give birth to a healthy baby;      

  • Maintaining your own health potential during pregnancy.    

How is the program going:

  • Consistent restoration of the pelvis topography and adjacent organs;      

  • Restoration of the natural bends of the spinal column;      

  • Increase and optimization of hormonal levels;      

  • A blood flow improving and optimizing the pelvic organs function;      

  • Restoration of the pelvic floor tone and ligamentous apparatus of the uterus;      

  • Restoration the quality of smooth muscles of the pelvic organs;      

  • Elimination of the adhesion process and associated pain and inflammatory diseases;   


What does the pregnancy preparation program give:

  • Study of the mother’s body matrix, which determines the correct body structure of the unborn child and a high birth health;      

  • The pelvic organs work restoration for creation an optimal conditions during the period of intrauterine child development;      

  • Medicine-free preparation of the body for conception, preparation for natural childbirth.   


Dr. Blum's Method Benefits

The Dr. Blum Center uses more than 800 training devices that allow you to set the exact dosed load on the target segments of the musculoskeletal system. An integrated multidisciplinary approach allows you to work with complex problems at the junction of narrow medical specialties.

Our approach advantages:

  • personalized phased approach;      

  • adaptive physical training in an eccentric (inferior) mode;      

  • targeted exposure to target body segments;      

  • pronounced positive effect with minimal energy consumption;      

  • preparation for childbirth without medication and surgery.     

A comprehensive planning pregnancy program and natural childbirth provides powerful support to the body of the expectant mother, helps to bring forth a new life without complications.

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