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Coronovirus. Prevention and treatment

Prevention and treatment

Currently, there is no specific treatment or vaccine for this disease.  Treatment consists of prescribing maintenance therapy depending on the symptoms.  A study by Chinese scientists published in the journal National Science Review on 03.03.2020 showed that at present, SARS-CoV-2 Coronavirus, which causes COVID-19 disease, has been divided into two strains: the mutant virus looks more aggressive than the original type.  This may prevent virologists from rapidly developing a vaccine.  Genetic analysis of samples taken from a man in the USA also showed that simultaneous infection with both types of virus is possible.

An effective means of treatment and prevention has not yet been found.  Therefore, we will talk about prevention through the body's own defenses.

The virus infects only those parts of the body and organs where the passive and active circulation and microcirculation of biological fluids — blood, lymph, articular, cerebrospinal fluid — are disturbed.  Where stagnation, acidification, slagging are impaired, metabolism and tissue self-renewal processes are disturbed.  This occurs in an asymmetric, unevenly formed body.  The most vulnerable to viral infections, in particular, coronaviruses that penetrate into cells and cell nuclei, are people:

1. with impaired and weakened own pumping and drainage functions in the body or its individual tissues, organs and parts, which leads to impaired blood supply and stagnation, creating favorable conditions for infection;

2. with an entrance gate where there are stagnant processes in the circulation of biological fluids and the natural processes of purification and renewal in the endo-ecology of organs and systems are violated - inflammatory changes in the mucous membranes of the nose, mouth, pharynx, bronchi, intestines.

3. with asymmetries, impaired posture, scoliosis, since there are “weak links” in their body, where the circulation of biological fluids is disturbed, these parts of the body are substantially isolated, “autonomous” and medicinal substances do not get there through the blood and lymph, forming their own  kind of optimal zone for viruses and bacteria.

Human crowding, artificial ventilation, air conditioning and other social and civilizational stigmas of the Megapolis environment exacerbate the trends.  And also, a sedentary lifestyle, carrying backpacks behind his back, static electricity, synthetic clothes, implants - all these are large and small minuses that are summed up inside.

Why children are less vulnerable?  They are growing and developing, therefore tissues are actively supplied with blood, asymmetries and distortions have not yet accumulated.  Children are more active than adults at times.

Anti-virus prevention program goal is to include all bone-joint, muscle-joint, muscle-fascial, cavity, tissue, cell, connective tissue, biochemical and biophysical circulation pumps in an active mode of operation so that there is no stagnation, sedimentation tanks and slag collectors anywhere.  Viruses invade cells, into cell nuclei and destroy them.  Like all predators, they catch up and finish off the weak, sick and old.  And the scavenger bacteria pick up everything that collapsed and died, multiply and cause secondary infection, complications - inflammation in organs and tissues.

Conclusion: the mountain river does not go bad, as a powerful and clean stream washes away everything that is unnecessary.  Therefore, our task is to create all the conditions so that biological fluids actively circulate and filter, so that the normal life of cells and tissues is maintained - blood, lymph washed the contact surfaces and the endo-ecology in the body was healthy.  Since stagnation, adhesions and reduced blood flow are a favourable environment for predators and scavengers.

In times of epidemics, the healthiest survive, which means the most vertical, balanced, symmetrical, proportional and motor-active.  This is a kind of biological environmental cleaning.  Having survived, these people become centenarians, which, by studying the biology of centenarians, allows us to understand the logic of why they, as “children of nature”, were invulnerable.

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