Author's method of recovery

The center of Dr. Bluma has been specializing in the rehabilitation of children with cerebral palsy for over 30 years. Clients of our center become committed followers of the methodology, as they get real results thanks to a holistic view and an integrative approach to solving problems.

Upon completion of intensive work in the center, we, together with our parents, are developing a program for self-training in the home under the control of Dr. Blum to achieve maximum results in eliminating muscle and joint imbalance.

Primary consultation
Personal lesson
90 min
Duration of one lesson
Following the results of the consultation for each client, we compile a personalized program and select the complex from the author's training modules.

Important treatment factors

The difference between the center of Blum is that we work with children who are considered unpromising in other places. We work with complex forms of cerebral palsy. In the center of the fundamental factors for determining the prospects of recovery of the child are the following parameters:

  • The preservation of the psyche. We estimate how adequate the psyche of the child is.
  • The ratio of the child's age and level of maturity, that is, how much the child’s development lags behind and which of the symptoms of cerebral palsy are motor defects.
  • The severity of motor biomechanical defects. We assess the pathological changes in the axial skeleton, identify deformities and the level of muscular-articular imbalance.

Based on the results of the diagnostics, we develop a personalized program and the results that will be obtained according to the method of Dr. Blum.


Recovery in 3 stages

All our recovery programs for cerebral palsy include the following steps:

  • Preliminary. We are preparing all the systems of the body to increase the amount of physical activity, to the new regime.
  • Preparatory. This is the most difficult and lengthy part of rehabilitation. We help reduce spastic syndrome by restoring antagonist muscle balance in strength and length. Then we restore the structure of muscle tissue and the alignment of the joints, eliminate contractures.
  • Main. At the third stage, we teach the usual walking and maintaining balance when moving. At the end of this stage, the patient should go without care and support. With fine motor skills and complex movements, we work in the following stages. First you need to achieve a basic result. And it directly depends on the diligence and understanding of the parents.


Excellent conditions

Rehabilitation treatment takes place in the center of Blum in Marbella. All conditions are created for the implementation of the tasks: the necessary simulators developed by Dr. Blum to restore children with cerebral palsy. The mild climate and the proximity of the sea keep our guests in a good mood and help to achieve a result.


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