Rehabilitation after sprain and muscle rupture: recovery program after muscles rupture and joints sprain according to Dr. Blum’s method

Causes and consequences of the muscular-ligamentous apparatus injuries

There are several reasons leading to an infraction of the muscle and connective tissue fibers integrity:

● the impact of external force (blow, injury);       

● overextension or severe contraction due to excessive load;       

● enhanced training without preheating;       

● chronic overload;       

● pathological or age-related weakness of the muscular-ligamentous structures.       

Inappropriate treatment and rehabilitation after ligament rupture can lead to mechanical instability, chronic pain, and partial or complete impairment of function. Large-scale damage to muscle tissue causes degenerative changes (atrophy), limited joint mobility and the risk of re-injury.

Primary consultation
from €150
Personal lesson
from 40 min
Duration of one lesson
Following the results of the consultation for each client, we compile a personalized program and select the complex from the author's training modules.

Rehabilitation program

Rehabilitation after muscle rupture/sprain at the Dr. Blum Clinic is carried out in strict sequence, in accordance with the nature of the damage. After mandatory biomechanical testing, an individual program is developed aimed at anatomical and functional recovery. The main tool of the rehabilitation process is the patented training modules, which are assembled to solve certain problems. Unparalleled designs have targeted effects on target muscle groups.

Dr. Blum's Method Benefits

● personalized approach;     

● personal, gradually increasing loads;     

● training in inferior mode;     

● without medicine and operations;     

● health-improving effect with minimal energy consumption;     

● lack of contraindications and age restrictions;     

Rupture of ligaments and muscles is a serious problem requiring high-quality rehabilitation. Call, sign up for a consultation and make sure about the Dr. Blum’s method possibilities.

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