The recovery programs for children after injuries and surgeries, with a musculoskeletal system diseases, with disabling diseases

Rehabilitation of children

There are rehabilitation programs for children with disabilities to give the child the opportunity to recover and not to experience problems in everyday life, study and work. Such programs are developed by the state, as well as private centers with an author’s recovery approach, such as the Dr. Blum Center.

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Following the results of the consultation for each client, we compile a personalized program and select the complex from the author's training modules.

Areas of a child rehabilitation

As a rule, habilitation and rehabilitation of children includes several areas:

  • Medical measures - measures aimed at struggling an ailment and its negative consequences for the child’s body;      

  • Physical education and sports to restore lost opportunities or their compensation;      

  • Socio-psychological adaptation, which implies the development of independence, social interaction skills;      

  • Psychological adaptation - creating comfortable conditions for the formation of a healthy psyche in a child;      

  • Education and vocational guidance, preparation for work, assistance in finding employment in the future.      

If rehabilitation is aimed at preventing and treating pathologies, then habilitation implies adaptation to a normal life in society. With its help, the child gains the opportunity to learn and work fully. Only comprehensive rehabilitation, including both areas of medical and pedagogical measures, is able to improve the life quality of people with disabilities.

A personalized rehabilitation program

According to the Federal State Statistics Service, the number of people with disabilities under the age of 18 years in 2019 was about 670 thousand persons and their number continues to grow steadily. Most childhood pathologies are associated with mental or behavioral disorders, a little less - with diseases of the nervous system.

These children and adolescents can become full members of society if they undergo adequate rehabilitation, determined in accordance with the nature of their injury or illness. The state directs all efforts for the successful implementation of this program and the provision of free assistance to children with disabilities. Special centers open at sanatoriums and hospitals.

However, in addition to government centers, assistance in the rehabilitation of children with motor disabilities is also possible in private clinics. The potential of copyright techniques significantly expands the range of rehabilitation services.

There are no typical treatment programs for children with disabilities or after a serious surgery. Recovery methods are selected in each case. Rehabilitation of preschool children begins from the first years of life, uses an integrated approach to ensure the correct development of a small person. Regardless of age, the Dr. Blum Center provides qualified assistance for the children with pathologies of varying severity.

Recovery programs for children

The Dr. Blum Biomechanics Center works according to the author's method of children and adults recovery. For over than 30 years we have been dealing with children with cerebral palsy, children who have suffered injuries and surgeries, achieving significant results in these areas.

Comfortable conditions, Mediterranean climate, Spanish sun and sea air, help in the recovery of children. In childhood, many problems are solved easier and faster, with the right approach, you can avoid complications and secondary consequences of fractures, injuries and operations.

Rehabilitation stages

Rehabilitation treatment at the Center consists of the following stages:

  • Initial consultation and diagnosis, a child rehabilitation program is being developed taking into account the age, severity and complexity of the disease, the presence of other congenital pathologies.      

  • Preview. Called on to prepare the child’s body to increase physical activity and change the usual mode of life. Also at this stage, using special techniques, we start the process of regeneration and self-healing, using the internal body reserves.      

  • Preparatory. The longest period, which is aimed at combating the underlying pathology and its underlying cause. In case with a cerebral palsy, this is a decrease in spasticity of the limbs, restoration of joint alignment and muscle tissue structure.      

  • Primary. The work is being done here with the coordination of movements, the commission of actions customary for ordinary people. At the same time, the processes of blood supply restoration and innervation of internal organs are launched.      

  • Optional. After completing the full course, the child’s parents are given recommendations for self-study at home.      

Dr. Blum’s inventive method advantages

  • personalized approach to the problem;     

  • phased solution of tasks in accordance to their priority;     

  • gradual increase in load intensity;     

  • classes in inferior (eccentric) mode with the involvement of target muscle groups;     

  • efficiency at low energy consumption;     

  • lack of medicines and traumatic procedures;     

Dr. Blum's Biomechanics and Physiotherapy Center uses more than 800-patented simulators. Unmatched devices have a selective training effect on the “weak links” of the locomotor chain, gradually bringing them to a physiological level. As a result, muscular-articular imbalances, deformations and asymmetries are eliminated, structural and metabolic processes are improved, and the functional state of the vertebral joints is normalized.

For a comprehensive consultation on recovery issues at the Dr. Blum Biomechanics Center, call. We will answer all your questions. It is important to make the right decision on time.

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