Rehabilitation program for children after the spinal fracture

Children rehabilitation after a spinal fracture

Damage signs to the motor segments of the various spinal column parts depend on the severity of the injury. A fracture in the thoracic and lumbar region may be asymptomatic or accompanied by a girdle pain that intensifies with movement. If the spine integrity is violated, soft tissue swelling develops in the cervical section, deformation appears in the neck area, the affected child holds his head in a forced position. Perhaps a violation of movements coordination, weakness, loss of control over the work of the pelvic organs.

Radiography of CT, MRI, MSCT and radionuclide is used to diagnose a spine fracture and to clarify the severity of damage.

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Following the results of the consultation for each client, we compile a personalized program and select the complex from the author's training modules.


The most common causes of vertebral injuries in childhood:

  • Falls (from a height, when diving into the water);

  • Direct hit;      

  • Sports injuries;

  • Accident;      

  • Violent acts;

  • Crushing by a massive load.

A pathological children spine fracture can provoke chronic diseases (osteomyelitis, cysts and other tumor-like neoplasms).


In case of delayed medical and diagnostic measures and lack of rehabilitation, children’s spine compression fracture, as well as other types of traumatic injuries, can lead to serious consequences... This may be the instability of the injured department, the spinal column curvature, degenerative-dystrophic changes in the vertebral structures, habitual dislocations and subluxations of the vertebrae. The most dangerous complication is deformity of the spinal canal and compression of the medulla.

Fracture recovery

A feature of central axis injuries of the musculoskeletal system is that it isn’t enough just a classical treatment for a complete recovery. After post-traumatic correction, the most important period begins - recovery. The children’s rehabilitation success with compression fracture of the spine directly depends on the early start of its implementation.

Dr. Blum's Biomechanics Center in Marbella specializes in restoring motor activity and normalizing the body functions of the young patients who have suffered vertebral injuries. The personalized program is based on a unique authoring technique developed by an expert on functional movement, MD, professor Eugene Blum.

An individual recovery course includes a set of measures aimed at restoring the stain and epicenter of the injury, launching the natural mechanisms of self-healing and self-renewal, identifying weak links in the biomechanical chain and restoring normal anatomical spatial relationships. The rehabilitation center is equipped with everything necessary for rehabilitation after a spine fracture. All conditions are created here for people with disabilities and for family members accompanying them.

A multidisciplinary problem approach significantly reduces recovery time and helps to improve the final result. The phased rehabilitation program for children without medicine and surgery has repeatedly confirmed its high efficiency, improving the patients quality of life.

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