Rehabilitation Program after shoulder injury


The nerves of the shoulder joint, which are closely related to the central nervous system, determine the pronounced pain syndrome. Even slight damage affects the overall well-being of a person. Often patients have problems with sleep, it is difficult for them to perform the usual actions.

In this case, the symptomatology is different and depends on the injury location. Common symptoms include severe and intense pain, difficulty during movement, and limited mobility in the joint. Sometimes it’s impossible to move the hand at all - it involuntarily falls down. Swelling appears, and the shoulder itself is deformed, the skin turns slightly blue.

Not in all situations, surgical treatment is required in the shoulder joint injuries treatment. You can get detailed advice on recovery methods without surgery at the Dr. Blum Center.

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Following the results of the consultation for each client, we compile a personalized program and select the complex from the author's training modules.

Causes of occurrence

The highest risk of damage to joints and tendons in the elderly. This is one of the most dangerous injuries that needs long - term the shoulder joint injury treatment with subsequent rehabilitation. People who are engaged in professional or amateur sports or are involved in job related to the physical labor are also in danger of getting a shoulder joint dislocation. Sometimes patients suffer pain for a long time. This behavior can affect on the duration and effectiveness of subsequent a shoulder joint injury treatment and lead to serious complications. Common causes of such damage: Accidental fall on a slippery surface; Sports exercises without preliminary warm-up; Excessive stress during training; Non-observance of safety measures at work and at home; Traffic accident; Too sharp jerk of the dog’s leash, etc. Once damage has been identified, it is important to provide the fast first aid to the victim: give painkiller, stop bleeding with an open fracture, immobilize the limb and try to prevent the debris from moving.

Treatment and rehabilitation

Traditional recovery methods after surgery for the various shoulder injuries are not always effective. Rehabilitation should be aimed at restoring joint mobility, as well as general muscles and ligaments strengthening, which is especially important for professional athletes. At the Dr. Blum’s Center, patients undergo rehabilitation, which is not only aimed at the shoulder joint restoration, but also over the entire area of ​​the shoulder girdle, as well as the comprehensive strengthening of the body. The purpose of the rehabilitation program is to strengthen the injured area so that there are no psychological consequences, fear of injury recurrence, subconscious sparing of this segment of the musculoskeletal system in the future. 

The program is compiled individually and takes into account all the nuances, including the statute of limitations, the extent of the injury, previous treatment and the general condition of the human body. The entire rehabilitation period takes place in comfortable conditions of a warm climate using Dr. Blum's unique system of biomechanical methods and techniques and special training equipment. Rehabilitation is aimed at the maximum body recovery, the return of the joy of movement and a full life without pain.

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