Knee injury recovery and rehabilitation program

In an increased risk zone are:

Very often adults are traumatized, decided to dive in an unfamiliar pond or to jump into water under the influence of alcohol. Other causes are athletes’ injuries, traffic accidents, a fall from a high height, and a heavy object damage. Timely treatment and rehabilitation of cervical trauma will help prevent the development of complications, restore motor functions and avoid disability.

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Following the results of the consultation for each client, we compile a personalized program and select the complex from the author's training modules.

Cervical spine restoration

The Dr. Blum Center uses author’s developments and special healing techniques that reduce the effects of trauma and prevent the complications development.


  • First, the "spot and epicenter" area of the injury is "sorted out": in accordance with the anatomical-morpho-functional principle, topography is restored in layers from depth to surface. Vessels, nerves, bone elements, ligamentous apparatus, muscle layers of the first, second, third order and so on.
  • Through exposure to the deep muscle layers, the drainage and pumping mechanisms of the affected area and the body in general are turned on, the circulation of biological fluids — blood, lymph, cerebrospinal fluid (CSF) —increases, microcirculation in the distal sections is enhanced, and regeneration and self-healing processes are accelerated.
  • By pumping target segments and organs, acting on life-supporting systems, energy generation is increased, the body receives a sufficient amount of strength and energy for recovery.      
  • The function of the spine injured segment is restored - supporting and motor. Then, the functions of the entire spinal column are restored, then, the functions of the adjacent organs of tissues that have suffered a second time, thus from the stain and epicenter of the injury, the recovery process moves systematically to the periphery, restoring health and mobility not only to the affected area, but to the whole body.

Recovery takes place in a resort Mediterranean climate. The Dr. Blum Center has all the conditions for recovery and rehabilitation after a cervical spine injury.

Recovery at the Dr. Blum Center will reduce the effects of trauma and complications. The result largely depends on the complexity of the damage, the scale, depth and duration of the injury, the general condition of the patient and the treatment already carried out.

At the initial consultation, we will analyze the medical history and make an individual forecast of the prospects for recovery.

The neck fracture and injury rehabilitation program

A personalized program is compiled for each patient, precise parameters and amplitudes of movement are set. Dr. Blum’s author’s system of methods and techniques allows you to activate deep muscle layers, enable regeneration processes, restore normal spatial relationships and anatomical unity of the spinal column, musculoskeletal system in general, restore function - supporting and motor, eliminate muscle and bone-joint imbalance.

Dr. Blum's method advantages:

  • accelerated body recovery due to its own reserves;
  • an individual approach and a phased solution to the problem;
  • low energy consumption of the body to obtain significant results;
  • lack of medicine therapy and surgical intervention;


The Dr. Blum Center is equipped with unique, patented training facilities. To solve rehabilitation problems of varying complexity, 800 training devices are used to set the exact dosed load on the target segments of the musculoskeletal system. An integrated multidisciplinary approach allows solving complex problems that lie at the junction of narrow medical specialties.


Due to the targeted effect on the affected area, rehabilitation occurs as fully as possible after the neck injury fracture.

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