Rehabilitation of children with scoliosis: recovery health program for a child with scoliosis according to the Dr. Blum’s method

Causes and consequences of children’s scoliosis

One of the most relevant orthopedic problems is a child’s scoliotic disease. It is difficult to treat the thoracic spine multiplane deformity and it leads to serious infraction of internal functions. And just an adequate rehabilitation of children with scoliosis allows you to get rid of the pain syndrome, optimize the postural balance and stop the pathological progress.

There are several reasons for lateral curvature of the spine:

● hereditary predisposition;       

● neuromuscular pathologies (cerebral palsy, myodystrophy, degenerative-dystrophic diseases);       

● congenital malformations of the spinal column;       

● infectious diseases;       

● injuries;       

● asymmetric physical activity, sport;       

● weakness of the tissue surrounding the vertebrae;       

Scoliosis in childhood and adolescence can lead to disorders of the cardiovascular and respiratory systems, the formation of a rib hump, chronic back pain, and serious cosmetic and psychological problems. Especially dangerous is the lack of treatment and physical rehabilitation of children with scoliosis for kids in the stage of active growth. Due to progressive deformation, compression of vital organs occurs, which cannot be eliminated without volumetric surgery.

Primary consultation
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Personal lesson
from 40 min
Duration of one lesson
Following the results of the consultation for each client, we compile a personalized program and select the complex from the author's training modules.

Features of individual rehabilitation programs

Dr. Blum's Recovery Center is focused on a differentiated approach. Each child carried biomechanical diagnosis, the results of which are composed at an individual physical rehabilitation program. The author’s methodology is based on targeted study of the deep muscle groups responsible for the proper stabilization of the spine joints.

The advantages of this approach:

● lack of contraindications and age restrictions;     

● training in inferior mode, without the active participation of the patient;     

● phased restoration of natural muscle balance;     

● clinical efficacy with minimal energy costs;     

● without medicines and surgery.  

A personalized, phased, clearly dosed special training program helps to achieve significant success even with the most complex deformations. The main thing is to understand: as soon as the rehabilitation of children with scoliosis is started, then better the result will be.

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