Rehabilitation of children after birth injury: a child recovery program with the asphyxiation consequences and birth injury at Dr. Blum's Center

Causes and consequences of perinatal asphyxia

Rehabilitation of children born in asphyxia is a complex, continuous and phased process. It is aimed at correcting the state of the nervous system and preventing the immediate and long-term consequences of oxygen deficiency. With timely provision of quality rehabilitation assistance the consequences of most perinatal lesions of the CNS can be minimized.

Asphyxia of newborns is a respiratory distress syndrome that develops against the background of the pathological course of pregnancy and / or childbirth. It can provoke:

● intrauterine infections;     

● abnormalities of the fetus;     

● Rh incompatibility;     

● intracranial birth injury;     

● obstruction (blockage) of the upper respiratory tract of newborns with mucus or amniotic fluid;     

● tight cord entanglement;     

● maternal diseases (anemia, cardiovascular disorders), etc.

In the absence of timeous medical care and early rehabilitation of the child after asphyxiation during the childbirth, motor and cognitive impairments develop, leading to serious neurological outcomes. The most severe of them are cerebral palsy, epilepsy, oligophrenia (mental retardation), metabolic and mental disorders. Of the long-term consequences, it is necessary to highlight a delay in physical development, a violation of muscle tone and speech functions.

Primary consultation
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Following the results of the consultation for each client, we compile a personalized program and select the complex from the author's training modules.

Rehabilitation features at the Dr. Blum clinic

The Physiotherapy and Biomechanics Center is focused on the children’s restoration of any age according to an individual program. Each child undergoes a biomechanical testing (an objective condition assessment), a complex of recovery measures is developed, including physical exercises in an eccentric mode. The goal - the inclusion of weak segments of the body in a focused training process, targeted and accurate dosed effects on the affected areas. Activation of metabolic processes and natural mechanisms of self-healing.

Dr. Blum’s method advantages:

● personalized approach, taking into account existing problems;     

● energy potential recovery due to own reserves of the child’s body;     

● eccentric training regimen, without the active patient participation;     

● pronounced clinical effect with low energy costs;     

● lack of medicines and traumatic procedures;     

● lack of contraindications and age restrictions;     

Rehabilitation of children with birth injury from the standpoint of the body integrity is a chance to defeat the disease. The main thing is not to lose the time. Call, sign up for a consultation and evaluate the possibilities of the Dr. Blum method.

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