Man's health

The program was created for men 40 years and older, for men who live according to their own script, independent of the opinions and moods of others, for those who want to live an active, full, happy, successful. “Men's health” is an investment in your health, prevention and recovery after the heart attack, strokes, radiculitiс and prostatic, when chronic diseases are just beginning to manifest. Our task is to rewind the biological age.

Primary consultation
from €150
Personal lesson
90 min
Duration of one lesson
Following the results of the consultation for each client, we compile a personalized program and select the complex from the author's training modules.

What do you get

  • What you getBiological longevity, sexual longevity, fertility and large families
  • Social longevity
  • Family longevity
  • Mental longevity
  • Long and happy life without medicine and operations


Become younger

The health-improving diagnostics created in the Center of Dr. Blum allows to identify the root causes of diseases, and the healing technology has in its arsenal methods, techniques and equipment for their elimination.

Over time, reduced blood flow and lymph flow in the body. Layering on pre-existing asymmetries, this leads to chronic diseases and dysfunction of the systems and organs, including the small pelvis. We restore the geometry of the body, eliminate the distortions of the pelvis, increase blood flow, creating optimal conditions for the functioning of the body.

Improvement is always an upward movement, and there is no limit to perfection. Even if everything is good, the quantity and quality of health can be multiplied. Your biological age will be less than the calendar.


Recreation in the modern center

The Spanish city of Marbella is a paradise in the coastal area of the Costa del Sol. Ideal environmental conditions, clean air, mild climate and proximity to the Mediterranean coast enhance the efficiency of the procedures and copyright methods developed especially for you.


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