Intensive Programme

Dr. Blum biomechanics center in Spain offers health recovery without medicine and surgery. 

The Center conducts biomechanical testing and develops personal programs for the following diseases:

●     Antistress. 

●     Burnout and chronic fatigue recovery.

●     Deep detox.

●     Antiage.

●     Active longevity. Male and female programs.

●     Special programs for children.

Personalized programs for musculoskeletal disorders.

The program composition:

●  Biomechanical testing;

●  Consultation with Professor Eugene Blum;

●  Body weak links diagnosis;

●  Personal training development;

●  Classes in an imperative - corrective mode, according to an individual program with a personal trainer using equipment developed by the Center;

●  Final diagnosis; 

●  Wellness program and home exercises development.


The center was created by professor, doctor of medical sciences Eugene Blum. The author's method in the field of biomechanical methods of health restoration aims to launch the natural mechanisms of healing, regeneration and cleansing through targeted action on the deep muscle layers. The rehabilitation strategy is based on the identification and weak links elimination in the body, the impact on the cause of disease, and the integrative approach to recovery. The center uses 800 unique training complexes to solve various rehabilitation problems.

Dr. Blum Center is located in Marbella, in the coastal zone Costa del Sol. The mild and warm Mediterranean climate helps to restore the body and enhance the effect of unique authoring techniques.