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High achievement sports require athletes to mobilize all their vitality. However, sometimes it is possible to go beyond the permissible, which can cause harm to health. Therefore, athletes need qualified sports improvement. And the better the team is, the easier it is to overcome difficult situations.

The Dr. Blum Sports Training Center provides the conditions for functional, interval and rehabilitation training of a high-class athletes specializing in various sports, including Olympic:

  • tennis

  • golf

  • football

  • hockey

  • athletics

  • all kinds of wrestling

  • volleyball

  • basketball

  • pentathlon

  • rowing

  • cycling

  • winter sports

  • water sports

  • work with sports reserve

In the field of organizing events for training sports teams, innovative technologies are used to recover after a physical exertion and increase sports performance. They are based on the biomechanical testing of each athlete and the personal program development, taking into account the body characteristics, predisposition to injury. At the same time, the duration of the sports career, the tasks set by the coach, the competitions and fees schedule are taken into account.

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Following the results of the consultation for each client, we compile a personalized program and select the complex from the author's training modules.

Upon completion of the rehabilitation course at the Center, each athlete receives recommendations on the General Physical Preparation and the Individual Physical Training. Teams have the opportunity to purchase equipment for their clubs. The unique complex of PENDEX simulators , designed taking into account the natural biomechanics of the human body, allows year-round supportive training according to the method of Dr. Blum, and thereby maintain the optimal degree of fitness.

Highly functional training devices have flexible settings that make them truly individual. Deep muscles are involved during the work on these devices, in traditional trainings - a passive. A fully automated system, receiving the necessary information from the sensors, independently creates a personal training regimen.

The Olympic Rowing Training Center is equipped with training devices that simulate targeted loads on the autochthonous (deep) muscles of the back, shoulder girdle and abdominal muscles. 

The Olympic Cycling Training Center conducts trainings close to competitive ones. The pedaling technique is being worked out, the self-control system is being improved, regular readiness tests are being performed.

To train players in contact sports, simulators are used to help improve ball kicks, increase coordination and attention, and improve speed and endurance.

The Olympic Winter Sports Training Center is equipped with specialized simulators that reproduce real loads and biomechanics during a driving on snowy slopes.

The Olympic Water Sports Training Center creates the necessary conditions for training and recreation for swimmers. 

The Sports Reserve Training Center trains athletes preparing to be included in national teams. Personalized programs are developed to improve and achieve the required skill level for them.

The Adaptive Sports Training Center was created for people with disabilities. Here, each athlete is engaged in an individual plan aimed at improving physical activity and overall well-being.

The use of effective methods to increase sports performance becomes the key to successful competitive activity.

Preparation features of athletes in the Dr. Blum Center

For more than 30 years, Dr. Blum has been working with professional athletes: tennis players, football players, basketball players, cyclists, marathon runners, racers, wrestlers and many others. Among the Center clients: tennis players Mikhail Yuzhny, Novak Djokovic, Sofia Zhuk, basketball player Evgeny Sivozhelez, volleyball player Yuri Berezhko, pentathlon, Olympic champion 2012 Laura Asadauskaite-Zadneprovskene, pentathlon, three-time world champion Andrei Zadneprovsky and many others.

The Dr. Blum Biomechanics Center has all the necessary infrastructure for the high-class teams full training. In addition to intensive training and a full range of physiotherapeutic and biomechanical services, modern educational programs for athletes and coaches are being implemented here. The center presents all the conditions for a comfortable stay and leisure activities. And the Marbella’s unique nature and mild climate make this place attractive at any time of the year.

Biomechanical testing, which is assigned to each athlete, allows you to give an objective assessment of his professional abilities, identify weak health links and develop a personal program to eliminate them.

A multifactor model of Olympic training

For 30 years, the Team and Sport Training Center has been successfully implementing individual programs for improving sports equipment in practice. To solve problems in the team training process, factors that affect the performance of each player are identified and eliminated. In this case, special attention is paid to the functions of the deep muscles. They are the key link in the kinematic chain responsible for the strength of the entire musculoskeletal system.

Dr. Blum’s original training program is aimed at eliminating weak links, correcting possible dysfunctions and deformations, launching self-renewal and regeneration mechanisms, stabilizing the sports form, and preventing injuries.

Training athletes of Olympic and para-Olympic sports at the Physiotherapy and Biomechanics Center has a number of undeniable advantages:

  • An individual personalized approach to each team member;      

  • Strict delineation of exercises (especially preparatory, auxiliary, competitive);

  • Variable phased approach;      

  • Compliance of practical methods with the age, qualifications and preparedness of athletes;

  • Conducting competitive training in lightweight and complicated conditions;  

  • Increase the functional reserve and tolerance to physical activity;      

  • Creation of competitive preparedness models.      

In the Team and Sport Training Center in Marbella, all conditions have been created for realizing the potential of our athletes and laying the foundation for the new Olympic victories.

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