Rehabilitation for the osteochondrosis of the spine: osteochondrosis recovery of the cervical, thoracic and lumbar spine section


It is important to start treatment and subsequent rehabilitation in case of spinal osteochondrosis in a timely manner; otherwise, it threatens to a pain increase, muscle atrophy, the occurrence of intervertebral hernias and other complications.

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Following the results of the consultation for each client, we compile a personalized program and select the complex from the author's training modules.

Rehabilitation for the osteochondrosis of the spine

In the initial stages, the disease can occur without pronounced symptoms. Therefore, the patient does not immediately begin a rehabilitation.

The disease typical symptoms: Patients complain of acute pain in the spine, especially after waking up and physical exertion. Partial weakening or paresis, spontaneous unpleasant tingling, horripilation, muscle tension of the problem area with pressure is observed.

Causes of occurrence

  • Impaired posture;
  • Low physical activity;
  • Heavy loads on the back, work in conditions of vibration;
  • Sports injuries;
  • Hypothermia, etc.

Timely rehabilitation of patients with osteochondrosis at any stage will help to maintain a physical activity, get rid of pain and live a full life.

Spine recovery program

The first step in the fight against spinal osteochondrosis is the restoration of pumping and drainage mechanisms, blood circulation and lymphatic drainage in the affected segment, then the elimination of muscular-articular imbalance and normalization of metabolic processes, then restoration of the anatomical and morphological structure of the intervertebral disc, restoration of the shape and the spine function.


Dr. Blum Center helps patients with osteochondrosis to restore the joy of movement without pain. We use biomechanical treatment methods that significantly expand the possibilities of medical rehabilitation for osteochondrosis.

Why do people contact us:

  • we have children, adults and the elderly undergoing the rehabilitation for osteochondrosis of the cervical, thoracic and lumbar spine section. We work with all types of disease;
  • the technology is aimed at eliminating the disease causes, restoring muscular-articular balance;
  • the program includes recovery from internal reserves of the body, the inclusion of mechanisms of regeneration and self-healing;
  • the Center author's training complexes allow dosing the load according to an individual program.


Dr. Blum's method advantages:

  • an individual approach and a phased solution to the problem;
  • low energy body consumption to obtain significant results;
  • body restoration due to its own reserves;      
  • lack of medicine therapy and surgical intervention.

The Dr. Blum Center is equipped with unique, patented training facilities. To solve rehabilitation problems of varying complexity, 800 training devices are used to set the exact dosed load on the target segments of the musculoskeletal system. An integrated multidisciplinary approach allows solving complex problems that lie at the junction of narrow medical specialties.

Due to the targeted effect on the pathologically altered segment, the rehabilitation takes place as fully as possible, the rehabilitation time for osteochondrosis is reduced. We give our patients a real chance to return to a full life.

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