Athletes rehabilitation program after sports injuries

Rehabilitation after sports injuries

In an athlete's career there are not only dizzying ups, but also unsuccessful falls. Moreover, both figuratively and literally. And any traumatic event that entails physical damage requires full treatment and subsequent recovery. Rehabilitation after sports injuries pursues several goals, among which the main one is the lost body compensation functions in a short time.

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All About Sports Injuries

All traumatic injuries restricting the athlete in professional activity are divided into 3 categories: lungs, moderate and complex. Injuries that occur suddenly due to a strong push, shock, fall, collision, etc., are called macrotraumas. They are accompanied by severe pain and lead to sprains (tears) of the ligaments, dislocations in the joints, bone fractures, nerve roots injuries and more.

Injuries caused by low-intensity but frequent mechanical effects are referred to as micro-injuries. Prolonged overload of various structures leads to tears and aseptic inflammation of the tissues. Muscles, tendons, joints, synovial cavities, fascia, aponeurosis, etc. can undergo microtraumatic injuries. Frequently, it is often repeated sports microtraumas become a reason of the musculoskeletal system functional disorders and chronic pathologies. However, the fact understanding and awareness of health problems comes in months, or even years. This situation significantly complicates the treatment process and athlete’s recovery after injuries.

Causes and risk factors

Despite the fact that sports injuries, for the most part, do not pose an immediate threat to life, its harm to the physical and mental state is obvious. In some cases, this may be a temporary loss of athletic form, and in others - severe functional disorders and even disability.

There are many causative factors for sports injuries:

  • Intense competitive mode;            

  • Lack of trainer competency;            

  • Inadequate hygienic conditions for training;

  • Difficult weather conditions;            

  • Unsatisfactory quality of sportswear or equipment;            

  • Forced loads;            

  • Lack of proper medical supervision;            

  • Insufficient training level;            

  • A violation of the sports disciplines;            

  • Poor protection or insurance;            

  • Overwork and other psychological circumstances.            

The sports injury cause may be the application of external force (fall, collision or blow), or indirect effects (awkward bending-unbending, excessive load, improper squatting technique, etc.). In this case, various body parts are damaged. As a rule, each sport has its own anatomical region, the most prone to injury. As a result, athletes are forced to permanently or forever leave sports, undergo complex surgical operations and spend valuable time recovering from sports injuries.

Returning into the high-performance sport

Returning to professional sports after a long break can be extremely difficult. And none of the known restorative techniques are capable of fully achieving its goal of quickly returning human beings to their last physical form. However, a personal approach and the development of comprehensive individual rehabilitation programs will help not only just to eliminate the consequences of the injury, but also overcome the tangible barriers of their physical capabilities.

Dr. Blum’s Biomechanics Center has developed the “Back to the basic team” program, which provides a real opportunity to pursue a sports career. It provides for consistent recovery on special simulators, from the earliest stages of rehabilitation after an injury to returning to the game. The main goal of this system is to restore impaired functions and return to the previous physical level in the shortest possible time.

Rehabilitation approach after sports injuries

The Dr. Blum author’s system of biomechanical methods and body restoration techniques is based on anatomical unity of all parts of the human body. Functional biomechanical diagnostics is preliminarily carried out, which allows to determine the “weak links” (dysfunction and imbalance) of the musculoskeletal system, identify the injury cause and develop a program to eliminate it.

The program is developed individually for each patient, taking into account the injury, its complications, the consequences of early treatment, the athlete's body characteristics and sport. The line of training modules is configured (spatiotemporal characteristics, load angle, trajectory and the movement amplitude of various body parts), the lesson is conducted by a personal instructor.

A similar rehabilitation approach allows:

  • activate regenerative processes 

  • integrate natural processes of healing, integration and self-recovery

  • target the weak links that led to the injury

  • involve deep target muscles in the training process  

  • stabilize axial structures and restore disturbed muscular-articular balance 

  • eliminate asymmetry and post-traumatic imbalance and accelerate the recovery process

  • gradually increase the endurance and productivity of chronically spastic muscle groups

The rehabilitation of sports injuries according to Dr. Blum’s original method is a sequential stage process that allows painlessly transferring gradually increasing loads. Training takes place on patented simulators designed for each task, taking into account the integrative impact on all segments of the musculoskeletal system. Restoring the broken symmetry of muscle groups through targeted physical exertion allows you to bring rehabilitation assistance to a whole new level and completely solve the problems of long-term rehabilitation.

The peak extending of a sports career

A sports career is a concise model of real human life. Therefore, many people are reluctant to leave the sport and are eager to participate in the competition for as long as possible. However, skills, strength and coordination over the years begin to decline gradually. Dr. Blum's proprietary techniques provide a real opportunity for 5-7 years to push the finish of a sports career.

An integrated interdisciplinary approach allows solving complex health problems and predicting the effectiveness of training and competitive activities. The athlete’s rehabilitation after injuries at the Dr. Blum Center in Marbella has several advantages over classical recovery techniques. They are associated with the lack of medicine load, minimization of energy loss and effective body recovery due to its own strength and energy.

The rehabilitation correction center in Marbella is a place for successful rehabilitation, giving a real chance to defeat the disease and come back to the big sport.

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