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Recovery and rehabilitation after injury in sports, high achievements

"The road for gold" in the sports world is associated with the constant mobilization of an internal athlete resource and timely injury prevention, the maximum recovery after injuries and surgeries. A properly organized program of medical rehabilitation and the restoring in sports medicine is an essential condition of high sports achievements.


Sports rehabilitation is based on an injury causes understanding, their biomechanics, the ability to recover quickly, without complications, without consequences.


Post traumatic recovery includes work with the epicenter and the stain’ trauma, with the anatomical, morphological, neurological, hemodynamic, biomechanical, energy-economic aspects of the damage.


This is one side of the coin. The second side - the body’s ability, its ability to support the sanogenesis processes, self-healing, self-purification, self-integration.



The surgery skill to perform masterfully post-traumatic surgery is admirable, but surgery is also a trauma.

     I.        If the operation is not emergency, but planned, you need high - quality preoperative preparation.

    II.        Postoperative recovery is due to be planned and phased.

In our Center, recovery begins immediately after the operation. The purpose of the Preliminary Stage is to start self-cleaning and self-healing processes as quickly as possible. 


The preparatory phase is the anatomical, morphological, functional integrity restoration.   


The main stage is the biomechanical integrity restoration, coordination, endurance, strength. Integrative inscription of the spot and the epicenter of injury into a single biomechanical portrait of an athlete.



Various Sports Medicine and Rehabilitation Centers, Sports Medicine Clinics offer different approaches to medical rehabilitation in recovery and sports medicine. Our approach is based on the principle: 


After the completion of the main restoration stage of damaged segments, the athlete’s musculoskeletal system should become stronger than before the injury. This is the only way to erase psycho- trauma and fear of repeated trauma.



Imagine, a football player foot or a pianist hand as well. Their importance in a career. And now - the football player´s hand and whether the pianist´s foot. What is their significance?

An understanding of this difference is the basis of the recovery method and prevention method for premium segment athletes.


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