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Fibromyalgia - a disease with symmetrical musculoskeletal pain and is chronic.

Causes of the disease
Fibromyalgia is considered an idiopathic disease, that is, an obscure, unexplored nature. There are many options for postural disorders. The causes of their occurrence are poorly understood and are considered as a personal feature of the figure, body geometry and its proportions. For everyday perception, impaired posture and scoliosis is not a disease until it ‘hurts’. Osteochondrosis of the spine in the pain absence also is not perceived as a disease. As a result, there is nothing to treat medically and surgically, there is nothing to rehabilitate with physiotherapeutic methods.

Fibromyalgia develops against the background of posture disorders in the frontal plane in the anteroposterior direction, and not in the sagittal plane from right to left. Therefore, pain points are right-left symmetrical.

In fact, ‘posture disturbance' is a violation of the body verticalization and upright posture. If verticalization is disturbed, muscular compensations develop, which, while standing and walking, require additional strength and energy. This tension is increasing in nature and an individual portrait of the location. As a result, standing and walking become uncomfortable and energy-consuming for a person, since superficial rather than postural muscles are tensed in a static mode. It exhausts, spoils the mood, like any fatigue, chronic pain, excess energy costs.

Painful muscle tightening and rebirth were studied by everyone, beginning and ending with Trewell's ‘Myofascial pains and dysfunctions’. With scoliosis, injuries, muscle overload, everything seems to be clear, there are ‘guilty’. With fibromyalgia, there’s no one to blame. The reason is the loss of verticalization and uprightness and their substitution for energy-consuming bipedia, this is a shortage of verticalization and retribution for it. There are many forms of reckoning, fibromyalgia is one of them and the most harmless.

In Wikipedia, the list of concomitant fibromyalgia states and precursors is examined from different angles. Miologists, neurologists, morphologists, angiologists look at the disease and offer treatment from the point of view of their narrow specialty. General practitioners with medical-surgical vision prescribe appropriate treatment. Everyone sees only his own. There is no single picture, but there is a general understanding that fibromyalgia is not treated with medical and surgical methods, but it is necessary to treat it somehow. As a result, everyone uses his own healing ‘arsenal’, while studying the consequences.

With an interdisciplinary approach, fibromyalgia is treated pathogenetically. The task is to return verticalization and uprightness to the body, eliminate muscular-articular asymmetries and imbalance. First of all, asymmetry in the front-back direction.

Rehabilitation goals for fibromyalgia:
• remove kyphosis, scruff, cervical vomiting, lumbar hypo and hyperlordosis;
• restore the correct angle of the pelvis;
• eliminate pathological muscle adjustments and compensations;
• give back to the spine support function;
• unload the sternum and lower costal arches, remove them from the support;
• restore arches and tensors of the body diaphragms, pelvis, hip joint, and foot;
• raise lowered organs;
• eliminate organ displacements, muscle adhesions, organ adhesions, tunnel syndromes.

Fibromyalgia is diagnosed by biomechanical methods. Specialists in the fibromyalgia treatment: experts in the field of biomechanics, energy economics, topology and interdisciplinary medicine.

For independent studies in order to correct verticalization and eliminate violations of the remains, we created a complex of 12 simulator designs of the pendulum cascade-wave biomechanical principle Pendulum Exercises or Pendex. The universal complex is aimed at the treatment of arthritis-arthrosis, osteochondrosis, fibromyalgia, depression, burnout syndrome, poor posture, elimination of physical inactivity syndrome and similar diseases, the causes of which are impaired verticalization and upright posture.
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