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Cerebral Palsy.

Two approaches to rehabilitation: mass and personalized. 

The task of mass methodology:

  • Eliminate life threat;
  • Stabilize Life Supporting Functions;
  • To help the child to move independently in bed, then sitting on a stroller, with the help of devices - crutches and walkers;
  • Develop personal care skills - food, toilet;
  • Develop stereotyped skills, train and provide the ability to self-development and self-employment, socialization.

Thus, make life easier for parents and baby.

A mass approach should be affordable in the application, equipping with inventory, in the cost of personnel and facilities, in the training of parents and children. Accessibility comes first. Doctors and staff seek to reduce spasticity, improve speech and psycho-emotional state, the ability to hold your head, swallow and sit on your own. For parents, this is progress and help in maintenance. The child is easier to care for.

The tasks of a personalized approach are fundamentally different:

  • The most complete physical restoration of anatomy, morphology and organs function and systems;
  • Elimination of physical limitations;
  • Skills training for rightsitting, standing, walking, running and jumping;
  • “Right” is the way healthy people do.

Authoring techniques allow you to restore:

  • Body geometry;
  • Joint alignment;
  • Muscular-articular balance;
  • Body shapes and proportions;
  • Muscle sequences.

You can proceed to training only after the restoration of physical indicators.

My choice was dictated by the question of what I will do if a child is born in my family with perinatal trauma, asphyxia, intrauterine infection or signs of prematurity. For myself, until this happened, I began to develop a personalized approach, patenting methods, techniques, strategies, devices for restoring children with cerebral palsy.

Patients with cerebral palsy, as a rule, have various somatic, psychosomatic and autonomic deviations from the norm and concomitant diseases. Work in each of the areas is included in the main package of our health-rehabilitation programs.

The most promising category includes children with a safe psyche, trainees, contacts, capable of independent movement with devices, in specialized shoes, and a corset.

Age matters because prescription affects the amount of work. But this is not a forecast, but a factor for developing a strategy.

Previous surgical treatment complicates the work, but is not a contraindication. For the author´s biomechanical rehabilitation methods, syndromes such as subluxations, displacements, curvatures, contractures, spasticity, hyperkinesis, and muscular-articular imbalance are reversible.

My goal is to maximize the result of any time and labor, I think it is justified in terms of personal responsibility. I don’t believe in quick results without labor and a desire to delve into the complexity and severity of the process, motivation and discipline are important, clearly set health priorities, then everyone does his part of the work on the basis of mutually trusting relationships. You provide the child with one hundred percent support, attention and participation, I guarantee a personalized approach to the methodology and engineering support, author´s control and participation at all stages of the recovery process.

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