High performance sport

For over 30 years, Dr. Blum has been working with professional athletes, tennis players, football players, basketball players, cyclists, marathon runners, riders, wrestlers and many others.

Our many years of experience working with athletes from various sports helped to create programs that provide a high level of health resources, injury prevention programs, methods for rapid recovery from injuries and surgeries, technologies to return to sports of high achievements after the break.

Primary consultation
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Following the results of the consultation for each client, we compile a personalized program and select the complex from the author's training modules.

Return to sports after injury

Rehabilitation and return to service after a long inactivity is a real challenge for everyone. Even great and outstanding athletes doubted whether they could play at the same level. Our program “Return to the basic structure” will help you to overcome the negative consequences of injury and a break in an intense athletic load. Under the control of Dr. Blum with the help of special simulators, you will return the proper level of fitness and begin to train and perform again.


Career extension

All athletes lose shape over the years. Skills and experience replace her first time, but physical indicators need to be maintained. Dr. Blum has developed programs that allow him to extend his career for 5–7 years, retaining the peak form.

Restoration according to the author's method will help to restore physical health even after serious injuries and a long break in sports. We help to eliminate physical limitations that interfere with participation in competitions and achieve super-results.


An ideal place for rehabilitation

The center in Marbella has all the conditions for the most effective rehabilitation and training of athletes: a team of professionals, ideal climatic conditions, everything you need for training, a tennis court, football and basketball courts, a swimming pool.


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