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Moscow, Russia

Clinic in Moscow:
Moscow, Russia
131 Leninsky prospect
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Marbella, Spain

Clinic in Marbella: Urb. Rocio de Nagueles,
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Marbella, Malaga. Spain. 29602
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I ensure rehabilitation patients after severe traumas, when nobody takes up surgical treatment and only limb amputation is offered to the patient. I give the patients a chance to become resistant to any drug therapy or any medical problem.

I ensure restoration of children with ICP and severe spinal disorders to productive life. I give people back the right for a miracle – the miracle of life, not merely survival. I offer an opportunity, to gain most fantastic results through personal efforts, even to people with the most severe disabling diseases. It sounds like a miracle. But it is the truth. I know how to start up the process of renewal and revival to a different, “healthy” life. I treat those who were refused treatment by statutory medical science, those who do not suffice the standard approach and phrases “You are incurable” or “In your case, medical science is powerless”.

My methods permit to rehabilitate an individual using a step-by-step approach: from bed to a wheelchair, from wheelchair to crutches, from crutches to a walking stick, and then to a racetrack. Out of someone with a scoliosis, I can make a slender, symmetric and harmonic person. I can recover a professional athlete after a trauma, prolong his competitive career, and return him to professional sports. Everyone thinks the course of a disease cannot be reversed, but I claim the opposite. Well, not exactly me, but the science, my methods and techniques, and my proven experience of many years.

Biomechanics – the most complicated and applied theoretical discipline, its combinatory capabilities are more intricate than in a chess game, but there, similar to chess, there are geniuses as well as amateurs. In biomechanics, professional talent of the performer takes the central stage. All this gives us the right to claim: One should know how to find an own doctor. If the problem is not sophisticated, even a novice can treat it. If however the problem is more complex – one must find a medical science or biomechanics grandmaster. For each individual, we create a “golden formula”. This formula guarantees a personalized and individual treatment of every person and his specific disease.

I treat those who want to live and enjoy life. I work for those, who want to ensure healthiness of own children – as a foundation, as a basis for their whole life. With such patients we have the same purpose – one can and one should live those 100 years, which are given to him by nature, in joy and happiness.

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